Agility in the introduction of new products: how crowdsourcing can help

where consumers have access to more diversified and customized products across a variety of shopping channels, the introduction of new products represents an even bigger challenge for both big and small brands.

Although manufacturers invest in research tools to ensure the relevance of a new offering, the new product’s success is never guaranteed: until the product actually hits the shelf, one can only guess how consumers will react. 

For this reason, companies of all sizes started to implement agile testing techniques in order to assess shoppers’ response directly on the shop floor.  Instead of researching the consumer’s hypothetical willingness to purchase, actual sell-out is measured on a small batch shipped to a few outlets that have the right attributes for the target audience.  A combination of sell-out data and qualitative insights enables manufacturers to make well-informed decisions about adjustments that should be made to launch the product more efficiently on a larger scale.

Roamler offers a sustainable and effective solution for executing this transactional learning phase. 
Our skilled sales Crowds make location-based listing agreements with selected stores, record weekly sell-out volumes and interview in-store personnel and shoppers.  And our bespoke dashboards report all the data in real-time.  
Roamler mobile Crowds are also useful for agile marketers as a panel for quick, reliable and cost-efficient concept validation. Thousands of consumer responses are delivered virtually within a few days across key markets. 

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