Roamler Tech is the official partner for Klushulp by Centraal Beheer

With the solution Klushulp,Centraal Beheer provides its customers with a large network of professionals for the execution of in-and-around-home installations. Through the exclusive partnership with Roamler Tech,the company is now adopting a crowd-supported model, aimed at increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Introducing crowdsourcing to increase satisfaction

Since Centraal Beheer launched Klushulp, consumers throughout the Netherlands have been booking thousands of technical tasks, varying from CV maintenance to plumbing assignments, from the installation of smart home devices to gardening jobs. This concept matched perfectly with the crowd-based model of Roamler Tech.

The professional Crowd of Roamler Tech counts hundreds of certified installers, activated and managed directly through the Roamler app.

All the requested tasks are matched to crowd members according to skill-set, certificates, experience level and proximity to the location of each installation. This ensures the assignments are picked up and executed only by qualified installers and in the most efficient way.

By using the Roamler app, professional installers can streamline and optimize their processes and pick-up tasks anytime, including evenings, weekends or national holidays.

This ensures maximum flexibility for both customers and technical professionals, ultimately resulting in the best possible experience on both ends.