Roamler launches “Bezorg de Zorg”

but just as many are ready to lend a hand. Healthcare professionals have been affected by the threat of coronavirus more than anyone else, but nurses and doctors who need to do their groceries after long shifts are now often faced with empty shelves. At the same time, supermarkets and online grocery stores are overwhelmed with a sudden increase in the demand for home delivery services.

For this reason Roamler has launched a new initiative which, thanks to mobile crowdsourcing, allows healthcare professionals to order their groceries online and get them delivered when and where they need them.

Nowadays, healthcare providers are facing an incredibly difficult challenge,” says Wiggert de Haan, founder of Roamler. “People are buying much more than usual, and those who work long shifts inside hospitals can hardly get their groceries done. At the same time, our community, who regularly executes in-store checks, was forced to stop their activity and is now ready and happy to lend a helping hand”.

The service is currently piloting in the Netherlands and is completely free: healthcare professionals pay only for their groceries. They can register on the dedicated Bezorg-Dezorg website, communicate their grocery list and get it delivered without physical contact by a member of the Roamler community.

Thousands of Roamlers, who normally perform paid tasks in supermarkets, have confirmed their availability to carry out these tasks voluntarily to help those who are on the front lines of the coronavirus emergency.

Prof. Dr. Hugo van der Kuy, Hospital Pharmacist / Clinical Pharmacologist at Erasmus MC, is pleased with the initiative: “We are working long hours, and at the end of the day, we are tired. This initiative is a nice gesture towards healthcare professionals in such a difficult time.”

Bezorg de Zorg was built in a few days on the existing Roamler platform; therefore, the website uses all Roamler’s security and data protection technology, ensuring digital privacy for those using the site.