Roamler Connects!

At Roamler we strive for efficiency, not only in how we let our Roamlers do fieldwork but also in how we report our insights to clients. As part of Roamler’s ongoing commitment to innovating and automating our processes, we’ve taken the next step in efficient reporting with Microsoft PowerBI.

Microsoft released a native connector to the Roamler platform with its latest version of PowerBI. This enables customers from Roamler to directly access data that has been gathered by the Roamler Crowd. Combining the analytical power of Microsoft PowerBI and the wealth of crowdsourced data gives organizations the possibility to build powerful dashboards with deep insights into their data.

This automated process eliminates large Excel files, imports and multiple other manual actions. It also avoids the error-prone elements of data reporting, making data collected through Roamler a reliable source for making high-level business decisions.

By connecting to the Roamler platform in this way, organizations are able to operate faster and better – a vision at the core of Roamler’s work.

The latest version of Microsoft PowerBI is available to download; please contact your Roamler representative for more information on this tool, how it is used within our services and how it can be helpful for your organization.

Find more information on the release of the connector here: