FMCG solutions

Get timely in-store insights or easily fix your in-store execution by activating our on-demand auditors, merchandisers or sales reps across Europe. With Roamler, you can make effective, data-driven decisions when and where it matters.

In-store insights & mystery shopping

Roamler leverages a large community of thousands of shoppers who are ready to perform in-store audits when and where you need it. They are tasked with visiting your POS, reporting on all your relevant KPIs and sharing photos of what is happening in every store. Thanks to Roamler’s technology, this data is manually validated and made directly available to you through dashboards and custom reports.

Store checks

  • On-shelf availability: SKU availability, out-of-stock
  • On-shelf visibility: Share of shelf, shelf position
  • Category management: Distribution analysis, perfect-store programs

Compliance audits

  • Promotion and POS execution
  • Planogram compliance
  • 2nd Placement and POSM compliance

Mystery shopping

  • Consumer experience
  • Product/service compliance
  • Purchase recommendations

Merchandising and Sales

Roamler leverages a flexible workforce of on-demand merchandisers and sales reps who are ready to execute retail merchandising and sales activities where and when you need it. Thanks to Roamler’s technology, this community of highly skilled professionals can be activated on-demand to replace or extend your own field teams in executing timely replenishments, compliance fixes and promotional setups as well as adding sales power to sell your product or promotion.

Check & fix

  • Planogram compliance
  • OOS replenishment
  • Promotion fix


  • Second placement set-up
  • POS materials set-up
  • Replenishment


  • Listings
  • Displays, promotional materials
  • Distribution optimization

Retail monitors

Roamler collects weekly and monthly data about specific products in the fresh produce category from locations all over Europe, and presents it in extensive, online monitors. This allows you to get a complete overview of the category or market in which you are interested, allowing you to fine-tune your strategies in the most efficient way.

  • The Berry Monitor

    What does the European berry market look like in terms of distribution and presentation? The Roamler Berry Monitor provides you with immediate access to extensive data and photos from over 500 food-retail locations across Europe.

  • The Tomato Monitor

    Get access to the best analysis on how tomatoes are marketed and displayed in-store with in-depth insights on SKUs and categories. The Roamler Tomato Monitor includes insights on different types of tomatoes and mixed packaging.

Upgraded retail experience, maximized efficiency

Traditional field-marketing companies can be costly and limited in volume and coverage. Unleash the power of our liquid workforce to perform checks, fixes and to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Our on-demand workforce takes action immediately, auditing multiple POS across countries, delivering insight in real time and taking timely action to correct issues before they impact sales.


Extend your capabilities on-demand. Our workforce allows you to scale each project to meet your specific needs by monitoring all your relevant KPIs.


Target your field marketing to maximise results. Our widespread capabilities allow you to focus on the physical stores that offer the best opportunities for your field teams.


Cut extra costs and optimise your budget. Our trained, on-demand auditors and merchandisers are already in the vicinity of your points-of-sale that require action.

The liquid workforce tailored to your every need

Roamler provides you with a fully flexible workforce and the best-in-class technology to boost your field marketing strategies, and take timely and effective data-driven decisions. Activate thousands of trained auditors spread across Europe entirely on demand to:

  • Extend your own field teams
  • Substitute your field forces
  • Integrate fixed and liquid field forces

Powered by people, driven by data

At Roamler we collect and combine activity, sales and execution data coming from millions of checks executed every year across Europe.

By combining efficient data modelling with technology, we are able to identify patterns and cluster stores accordingly. This knowledge is translated into targeted calls to action for either owned or crowd-based field forces. This enables companies to only manage exceptions, and address them in the quickest and most efficient way.

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