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Infographic: Hard Discounters

With the rising prices of food due to the worldwide inflation, it is no secret that shopping at hard discount stores has gained popularity in recent years. In addition to the the rising prices, the hard discounters are also offering an increasingly wide range of products, with offers extending beyond the entry level of established grocery brands. this rise in popularity of hard discounters makes the established grocery brands nervous about losing loyal customers and the following question arises: ”How can we design relevant promotions to retain our customers in hard discount channels?” We have asked our European Roamler community of app-users about their hard discounter consumer behaviour, providing you with insights on their shopping motives and preferences.

Key findings:

  1. 38% of our European app users (N=3.575) state to have been doing more of their grocery shopping at hard discounters last month, compared to the same period last year.
  2. Reasons they mention are inflation (47%), convenience reasons (39%), and product range (27%).
  3. Most of our app users are expecting to continue to shop at hard discounters more often (72%).
  4. 47% of our European app users state to be less satisfied with their supermarket(s) since they are shopping at hard discounters more often.
  5. Our app users are looking for a one-stop-shop experience (59%) and a better availability of premium brands (34%) at hard discounters.
  6. 51% would be more likely to buy premium brands if the price difference between premium brands and private label would be less than 10%. Offering exclusive and new products could also attract discount switchers (consumers who have switched from supermarket to hard discounter) (37%; 27%).

Read all findings in our dedicted consumer report.

The findings presented in this infographic are based on the results of task submitted by the European Roamler Community in 2022.

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