In-store checks temporarily reduced

Since the beginning of this emergency, Roamler, in full compliance with the different regulations adopted across Europe, has chosen to temporarily stop in-store checks in the countries affected by lockdown. In countries where visits to supermarkets are still possible without limitations, the amount of tasks and the requested time spent in-store has been, in any case, reduced to the minimum.
Though this was a difficult decision for both our clients and the members of our Crowd, we strongly believe that health comes first. Therefore, we have advised our Roamlers to stay home for their own safety and for that of the people who have direct contact with customers.

During this time, we are carefully monitoring all our markets, and we will restart our regular activities as soon as it is safe to do so. When the lockdowns are ended, we will be immediately available to support you in rebooting your business and once again making sure your products are visible and available to consumers.

In the meantime, our stay-at-home Crowd is ready to help you with consumer insights, ratings and reviews, influential marketing and other activities that can be carried out quickly, efficiently and, most importantly, safely.
Just ask our team! 

We wish all of you all the best during this period. 

Stay home and stay safe!