How we change the way people work

who would prefer being independent and flexible, rather than tied to the traditional 9-to-5 mentality.

Roamler’s mission of “changing the way people work” coincides with this trend and meets this emerging need for a more efficient work-life balance while ensuring companies a more sustainable way of doing business. 

Change often generates new needs, and this shift in work preferences impacts businesses in general — and especially crowdsourcing businesses like Roamler —by creating a need for support and social security for independent workers.
Roamler has taken two important steps toward meeting these newly emerging needs.

1.    The start of ‘Roamler Pro’

A fast-paced world requires fast-paced solutions. To meet the need for administrative support, Roamler Pro was recently launched. Roamler Pro is a new Roamler tool with which self-employed Roamlers are able to automatically download invoices for their earnings with each pay-out they request. This means Roamler Pros never have to manually prepare invoices and can easily find the VAT on their invoices, an immediate and efficient way to maintain day-to-day administration that an independent professional in a fast-paced economy requires. By automating secondary tasks like drafting invoices, Roamler Pro allows Roamlers to prioritize and focus on their primary tasks.

2.    The start of ‘FreeFlex United’

The rise of flexible, independent workers creates a strong need for social security and the protection of workers’ rights.  For instance, a self-employed worker is responsible for his or her own insurance and pension plan in addition to other expenses that are typically covered by employers. To take a step towards covering such needs, Roamler has joined forces with Temper, another on-demand work platform, to launch FreeFlex United, a non-profit organization active in the Netherlands in which both parties are committed to addressing protections for workers in the professional crowdsourcing of the future. Through FreeFlex United, Roamler and Temper aim to help independent professionals, or “FreeFlexers”, achieve better working conditions,  such as fair payments, disability insurance and pension plans, whilst opening up more solid opportunities for personal and professional growth. 

In the coming months, FreeFlex United will continue to take shape as more gig-economy platforms will join the movement.

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