Real estate

Complete maintenance solutions powered by the Crowd

Within the real estate market, timely repairs and proper maintenance are vital components for the state of your properties and the satisfaction of your clients.

Roamler Tech ensures you the best conditions for rentals and sales, through a range of crowdsourced solutions for urgent repairs and ongoing upkeep of residential and commercial properties.


Rely on a Crowd of skilled and experienced handymen who can assist in many areas of property management. Our on-demand professionals receive ongoing, state-of-the-art training and have the right equipment to execute small repairs on all your properties.


Leverage our large pool of local professionals spread across the country, to execute scheduled maintenance on the heating and cooling devices of your properties. Our experienced workers are ready to quickly address your requests 7 days a week, including holidays.

A skilled crowd.
Anytime, anywhere.

1.5 million tasks per year

Leverage our widespread on-demand workforce and increase flexibility and ROI.


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