In the Netherlands alone, the number of open vacancies for technical professions adds up to no less than 46.000¹. Most job openings are for construction professions, such as plumbers, carpenters, electricians and mechanics. This major shortage of personnel in construction and engineering not only causes longer construction timeframes, it also puts a brake on sustainability since sustainable mechanisms cannot be installed at the desired pace.

The construction sector aims to attract new workers in all kinds of ways. However, digitization should be taken into account too, as it has a huge potential to cover a large part of the labor shortage. “Digitization can create enormous leverage to do more work with the same amount of people,” says Kevin Voges of AFAS Software¹.

14.334 technical tasks in one month

Roamler, as a flexible resourcing platform, is one of the digital solutions to cover the labor shortage.”, says Rachid El Aoudi (Roamler NL). “In the past month alone, Roamler has been able to carry out a huge number of technical jobs, collaborating with independent technical professionals.”. More precisely, in the past month Roamler has achieved the following results in The Netherlands:

– 14.334 delivered technical tasks, performed by independent professionals.

– 534 independent professionals were provided with an average of 27 tasks per person.

– A capacity of 750 independent tech professionals nationwide.

Utilising on-demand technicians

How can organisations make use of a flexible tech workforce when it comes to solving their labor shortage issues? According to Rachid, this can be done in roughly two ways.

1. By partly replacing the current workforce. Cutting out simple, repetitive tasks, through outsourcing via Roamler. This gives your technical professionals more time to focus on what they do best.

2. By temporary replenishment of the current workforce. The flexible use of Roamlers during seasonal influences, for example for central heating maintenance in the winter season, can solve a temporary higher demand.

Rachid El Aoudi (Roamler) “Roamler takes full responsibility for the results of every executed task the community of independent professionals executes, ensuring you top-quality service aligned with your established KPIs and a fully transparent process.

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