Client Success Story: Centraal Beheer

The Dutch company Centraal Beheer has been specializing in a variety of insurances for over a 100 years. With a national network of specialists, Centraal Beheer provides suitable solutions for everyone, from families to companies, operating under the vision ‘We like to make things easy for you’. This vision was confirmed once again when the Dutch government announced a new regulation last year, making smoke detectors mandatory in every home in the Netherlands. Centraal Beheer made things easy for people by offering a significant discount on smoke detectors and the installation of these detectors.

Due to the short peak in the number of installations on site, as well as the one-off nature of the campaign, Centraal Beheer faced the issue of deploying technicians for installations in a short time frame, as efficiently as possible. Roamler’s Technical Solutions helped Centraal Beheer in dealing with this issue through the activation of on-demand technicians. Together, we were able to scale installations according to the actual demand without making concessions on the quality of service.

1300 installations in 6 weeks

The activation of on-demand technicians made it possible for Centraal Beheer to install around 1.300 smoke detectors in 500 houses in a time frame of only 6 weeks, enabling them to achieve their goal to ‘Make things easy for people’. With the help of the advanced Roamler technology, the quality of installations was ensured throughout the project, as all activated installers uploaded answers to a number of performance related questions, as well as a photo of the final result. Additionally, a customer satisfaction measurement resulted in a consumer rating of 9/10.

A complex integrated order flow

Michel Douwma (Client Success Manager at Roamler): “It was a big challenge to orchestrate the complex order flow that was needed to facilitate this project. By getting all involved parties a seat at the virtual drawing table, we were able to do the unexpected: deliver a fully integrated order flow between all parties, within 3 weeks. The time frames were very tight, but I’m proud of the fact that we can look back on a successful project.”

We are pleased to have helped Centraal Beheer with the temporary upscale of installations, contributing to making things easy for hundreds of people.

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